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May your heart
never stop dreaming.

Design direction for a futuristic audio electronics company.
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Impossible geometry maze board game. Unique mechanics.
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Minimal, modern, geometric, multilanguage sans-serif font family.
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Product page design direction for multinational tech corporation.
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Mobile Drone controller UI that turns reality to an engaging video game.
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Product experience for a legendary smartphone brand.
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Logo & Visual Identity for an Android smartphone corporation.
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Mikhail Sharanda


Mikhail Sharanda is an award-winning multidisciplinary designer / creative developer / team leader. Currently based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Best known for:

  achievement project

Website of the day

Developer Award

Mobile Excellence


Manrope Font website


Mobile Excellence


gent.media website



crazybaby.com website

Computer Arts magazine

Creativity is a skill

Creative Bloq

A better alternative to CSS breakpoints


Featured in the Graphic Design gallery with 10000+ appreciations

Manrope Font


Masters of Mobile: Greater China Report



Contributed on projects for Android, Samsung, YouTube


Logo and visual identity



Do you remember how magical it was the first time you combined blue and yellow paint?

The control over colors and visual perceptions…

I loved how influential I could be to the world around me. I made people feel surprised and smile. Tell a story, deliver a message.

There was nothing before. Now it works. It helps somebody. Makes their life slightly better.

Through all the hard things, I found love and excitement.

there are no shortcuts

I grew up in a bad neighborhood during an economic crisis in Russia. I can’t say my childhood was hard. I had everything I needed, but I clearly remember a strong feeling of rejection: I didn’t like anything around me and I didn’t want this place to leave its footprint on me. I wanted my life to be different, but I had neither skills nor knowledge.

When I started my first job I desperately wanted to succeed in my career and life… I often compromised my work and did “whatever it takes” just to get where I wanted.

I took projects I didn’t like. I worked with people I didn’t enjoy working with.

But from where I am now, it finally becomes clear that there are no shortcuts.

Every time I tried to “cheat” - it just hit me back harder. The projects got suspended, I was embarrassed to publish those in my portfolio, clients were disappointed and didn’t want to pay.

But every time I have done something because I loved what I’m doing - it raised me up. I’ve impressed my clients, they’ve recommended me to their friends. But more than that, it made me happier, made me learn new skills, and opened up new opportunities.

I spent years looking into myself, trying to understand who I am, what’s important to me, what are my qualities, what are my values, and finally find my own way to love what I’m doing.

all that matters

I’ve been truly passionate about design and technology. My teenage dream was to become a lead designer of a world famous tech company.

The story of Jony Ive inspired me to make my own.

Hard work and craftsmanship of people before me have always been a true inspiration for me. Neither money nor fame. I only want to become really good at something and make this world a better place.

Mastering your craftsmanship is all that matters.


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