Michael Sharanda

an independent design director / engineer focused on outstanding product experiences


Client: NОIIВURole: Creative Developer, Prototyper, Layout DesignerTechnologies: NextJS, React, TypescriptSoftware: Adobe XD2022
This groundbreaking fashion startup reached out to me, seeking assistance in kickstarting the development of their project. They shared static design mockups, on which I built captivating animated prototypes. Moreover, I offered my expertise in refreshing and designing new layouts that the client had expressed concerns about. After engaging in extensive discussions, I crafted a suite of reusable, dynamic React components, which I showcased through a demo project. This diligent effort culminated in the creation of a visually stunning and a flawlessly fashionable user interface that unite in creating a truly extraordinary experience.
Client: HuaweiRole: Design DirectorTechnologies: SVG, Javascript2020
This charming bonfire SVG animation will add a touch of whimsy and warmth to the client`s website guidelines.
Client: Personal ProjectRole: Designer, DeveloperTechnologies: GDScriptSoftware: Blender, GoDot Engine2021
Embark on a journey of impeccable design and development of the iOS "Dice Shuffle" app.Immerse yourself in its effortless interface and relish an entertaining and delightful user experience.
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Client: Personal ProjectRole: Brand Designer, Web-Designer, DeveloperTechnologies: NextJS, React, TypescriptSoftware: Figma, Blender, Stable Diffusion2023
A new chipset company with a bird-inspired logo symbolizing freedom and agility. The minimalist geometric shape of the logo, while seemingly simple, masks a world of complexity and sophistication. Through countless iterations and revisions, the final design was honed to perfection, capturing the essence of a modern and dynamic brand.
Client: Personal ProjectRole: Designer, Motion DesignerTechnologies: NextJS, React, TypescriptSoftware: Adobe After Effects, Blender2020
Introducing the visionary Cyberwatch concept – envisioned to equip you with advanced sensors and an informative display, guiding you through the challenges that lie ahead in this dystopian future.
Client: OliveXRole: Creative Dev, Designer, Brand DesignerTechnologies: NextJS, React, TypescriptSoftware: Figma, Midjourney2022
OliveX Genesis - is a mystic story that will captivate and empower your imagination. Follow the journey of a bored god who will grant you the power to decide the fate of a website visitor before you.
Client: Personal ProjectRole: Designer, DeveloperTechnologies: Mozilla HubsSoftware: Blender2022
Unlock the incredible potential of the metaverse as we embark on a captivating exploration together. Immerse yourself in the immersive realm of my virtual art gallery, where we can connect and celebrate the limitless power of human expression.
Client: HuaweiRole: Creative Dev, DesignerTechnologies: Alpha channel videoSoftware: Adobe XD, Blender2020
A captivating effect designed for more than 100 regional marketing teams to feature any products of their preference. This dynamic visual element will enchant and inspire client`s audience, leaving a lasting impression.
Client: HuaweiRole: Design Director, Creative Dev, DesignerTechnologies: Javascript, Mix Blend Mode, Intersection ObserverSoftware: Adobe XD, Blender2020
Among countless minor details, Huawei Consumer`s website and product page direction introduces a navigation UI that sets new standards. Seamlessly blending form and functionality, this unique feature serves as the gateway to an extraordinary user experience, ensuring effortless exploration and easy access to every corner of consumer`s destination.
Client: HuaweiRole: Design Director, Creative Dev, DesignerTechnologies: Javascript, Canvas, Intersection ObserverSoftware: Adobe XD2020
Discover the Captivating Zoom Motion Blur Effect on the Huawei P40 Pro Page: Unleashing the Potential of Client`s Camera Technology.

Timeless Legacy Cases


Design direction for a futuristic audio electronics company.


Minimal, modern, geometric, multilanguage sans-serif font family.


Product page design direction for multinational tech corporation.


Mobile Drone controller UI that turns reality to an engaging video game.


Product experience for a legendary smartphone brand.


Logo & Visual Identity for an Android smartphone corporation.

Michael Sharanda