award-winning designer/creative developer

Michael Sharanda is a world citizen, spent most of his career in the Southeast Asia working for the world’s famous brands.

I didn't consciously choose between being a designer or developer. Instead, what drives me is the inexorable pursuit of quality, a journey where only excellence will suffice.

how many awards are enough?

approach collective knowledge focused on results

inspiration & art

pragmatic research

My work style is based on being aware of the world, always seeking what’s current, and wanting to understand the culture of our time.

I completely reject traditional ideas of "good design" and don’t have any fixed opinions.

Instead, I appreciate different perspectives and carefully evaluate them using a thorough method. This includes making many different versions, getting feedback from experts and audience, and doing a detailed analysis.

By combining all these different insights, I create a unique solution that is perfectly suited to the people it’s meant for.

phylosophy there are no shortcuts

I grew up in a bad neighborhood during an economic crisis, I knew I wanted more out of life. But instead of letting my circumstances define me, I chose to dream bigger.

When I started my first job, I was eager to succeed in my career and life. But I made the mistake of compromising my work and values. I took on projects I didn’t like and worked with people who didn’t share my passion.

I quickly realized that taking shortcuts wasn’t the key. Whenever I tried to take the easy way, it backfired. Projects would fail, my reputation suffered, and clients were disappointed. But whenever I worked on something I loved, it propelled me forward, impressing clients and opening up new doors of opportunity.

It not only advanced my skills but also added to my happiness and most importantly I’ve found:

my own way to love what I am doing

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